2 Sep 2005 Removal of hard coded database name and need for Register Globals

Many users have requested that the 'xdbcms' database name be removed from the program.

It is now possible to edit the file 'GLOBAL_HEADER.php' within the main xdbcms directory, and change the database that the xdbcms program will use. This means that users who have a single database, or who have a database name already set up for them are able to use the xdbcms system. It also means that it is possible to have completely separate installations of the program, running on the same server.

Also, the system has been updated to be compatible with PHP version 5, and now should not require the PHP variable 'register_globals' to be turned on. Again, this allows users who do not have direct control over their website servers to be able to use the xdbcms program.

Version 0.11 also upgrades the version of tinyMCE to version 1.45, which has more facilities and control over the web pages, e.g. the ability to right-click on a graphic, select and update the graphics HTML properties.

Last Updated: November 9, 2006, 9:30 pm

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